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There are 70MM sports parents in our country who are frustrated by the lack of player feedback from their kids’ coaches. This is especially upsetting when many are spending thousands of dollars a year on their child's sports and on sports team management.

Bridging The Expectation Gap

We know first hand that coaches don’t have the time or tools to let every parent know how their child is doing.  The problem is a huge expectation gap between parents and coaches. This leads to hyper-stressed people on the sidelines. It leads to arguments over who made the travel team, who gets the starting position or who gets more playing time.

Common Sports Issues Need Innovative Solutions

To solve this problem, we launched our one-of-a-kind player sports managing program. Our app allows coaches and parents to share goals and objective feedback about your child's sport throughout the season, especially at the dreaded tryout time. To achieve our goal, we worked with experts in each sport. The guidelines are provided by national governing bodies to define skills in a sport-, age- and gender-specific way...for the FIRST TIME EVER.

This App Revolutionizes Sports Team Management

Now our app, and our proprietary team software and database of well-defined sports skills are helping team coaches and parents share feedback, improve player development and increase fan engagement. This is a one of a kind sports managing program that takes sports team management and involvement to the next level.

 iSport360 Builds Community

To build community around our sports team management app, we also launched a newsletter for sports parents and coaches called “The Chaotic World of Youth Sports.”  It is both informative, and frequently funny.  Content includes articles with perspective from psychologists, educators, coaches, sports parents, professional athletes and youth players.  The response has been astounding.

Please give our app and newsletter a look! Then let us know how we can make it better for you.

Ian and the iSport360 Team

iSport360 provides your kids with sport-, age- and gender-specific goals, player evaluation tools and a platform for sharing objective feedback.



Jeff Gorman

“When coaches, parents and players are setting realistic goals together, making decisions based on objective data and talking openly about their player’s development, magic happens … that’s why I use iSport360.”

NJ State Champ Little League Coach - Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Mt. Vernon, NY

Rachel Breton

“For coaches who need help communicating goals and for parents who want realistic feedback about their kids, iSport360 is the answer. I use iSport360 with the young teams and players that I coach.”

Professional Soccer Player - Youth Soccer Coach
Liam Headshot

Liam Robertson

"iSport360 is a great product. It allows our trainers to effectively communicate with their players and parents throughout the season. It’s not just great for players to track their progress but for the coaches too. ”

Director of Training, ,SportsZone NJ

Bryan Finley

“iSport360 is a fantastic tool that saves time and aggravation in a very important part of coaching: player evaluations. This app is quick, easy to use and provides fair, objective evaluations for every player on your roster.”

U14G/U16G Soccer Coach - Former High School and College Coach


"An Informative & Often Humorous Look At The Chaotic World Of Youth Sports Parenting & Coaching"

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