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All You Have To Say: I Love To Watch You Play

Ian Goldberg is the Founder and CEO of iSport360, a SportsTech company that is helping thousands of coaches, parents and kids set goals, share player feedback and track player development….all so our kids can have more success, more confidence and more fun.  Try iSport360 here.

Saying “I love to watch you play” is sometimes the only encouragement our young athletes need.  And I love that message in this compelling video where kids tell us, in their own words, how they feel when their parents yell and cheer from the sidelines of their games.   Thanks to veteran sports broadcasters Asia Mape and Alex Flanagan for this amazing short video.

Now we can go relax and enjoy our kids games without feeling pressured to be the loudest cheerleader on the sidelines.  Enjoy your sports season.

Click here to view: I Love To Watch You Play

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